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Auntie Em, Auntie Em… its a twister!

3662 Antiem Street in the Vista Mesa neighborhood of Clairemont OK so we’re still not in Kansas anymore, but there is a twist to this market crash. The flight from stocks/bonds to hard assets has arrived… Are you telling me … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Jaiden! Dude… I’m a dad. Baby needs shoes. Buy some real estate!

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Town by Town Description of North County San Diego

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Letter from "Wall Street" to "Main Street"

Dear Main Street, Please understand our need to ban the short ETF’s, along with naked short selling. For your protection, we want to ensure that anybody with a few thousand dollars to invest is also precluded from driving down markets … Continue reading

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Real Estate Bottom is Here… if you know where to look

As similarities of the Great Depression mount next to our current financial crisis, and catchy websites like start sprouting up, where do you put money that’s sitting in accounts only insured up to $100k? Where do you put money … Continue reading

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9.9.08 Interest Rate Alert

Fannie/Freddie Bailout Improves Interest Rates… a lot Yesterday the government announced its takeover of Fannie & Freddie, which are the (formerly semi-private) institutions responsible for insuring the bulk of our country’s home loans. There is a lot of controversy over … Continue reading

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