North County Town-by-Town Description Series

Ever notice that its hard to find a good, unbiased, description of neighborhoods on the web, without someone trying to sell you something?

For folks who are interested in getting acquainted with the lay of the land… this “Town-by-Town Description” series presents one take on the places and culture that comprise coastal North County San Diego… seen through the eyes of a 38 year old, husband, father, and neighbor who has lived here for 10 years.

Now of course my views are biased… and of course I’m trying to help people buy, sell, and finance homes… its just that my town descriptions aren’t intended to influence you (directly anyway… ha!).

Just click to explore:

  • 92008, 92009, 92010, 92011 Carlsbad (coming soon)
  • 92024 Leucadia (coming soon)
  • 92024 Encinitas (coming soon)
  • 92007 Cardiff by the Sea
  • 92075 Solana Beach (coming soon)
  • 92014 Del Mar (coming soon)
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