I’m Big in Japan

Hey, I reached a cool milestone today.

Seeking Alpha, the premier financial website for actionable stock market opinion and analysis, published an article I submitted. They handpick articles from the world’s top market blogs, money managers, financial experts and investment newsletters – publishing approximately 175 articles daily. Seeking Alpha was named the Most Informative Website by Kiplinger’s Magazine and has received Forbes’ ‘Best of the Web’ Award.

After accepting 20%-25% of new author contributions, they edit articles for clarity and consistency, and then organize and tag them for easy searching by stock ticker, sector, and theme.

Here’s a link to my article. In it, I pilfer one of my more catchy blog post titles and condsolidate the underlying theme of my high-end market sentiment, but hey, its mine right?

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One Response to I’m Big in Japan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Seth The article on Market Prices and understanding on the real estate market and info about how the effects of sub prime loans could be effected in the no yet re set market.

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