Mr. Jones is a Punk

In this WSJ article the author writes, “But after four years of struggling to pay his own mortgage, Mr. Jones says he has no equity to show for it. He may end up walking away from his home…

I would offer up a thought here… Mr. Jones is a punk and I resent his sorry, tough-get-going I-guess-I’ll-quite since life isn’t giving me what I’m entitled to guts.

I would also like to put on record the next short-sale seller who gives me an attitude for showing up at “their” home after I call in advance for an appointment per MLS instructions, whose instructions by the way, are nearly always more elaborate than the instructions of other comparable re-sellers who are also trying to sell their home the traditional way.

If you happen to be a short-sale seller, I harbor no judgment against you. I don’t blame you for your situation and don’t question why you aren’t working four jobs to somehow make it work. But if you are going to break your agreement, and ask for a hand out, which is exactly what every short-sale seller is asking for, then for Pete’s sake, try to dig down deep and help us help you… or at least get the hell out of the way.

By the way, I also posted this entry on Trulia’s website, which enjoys huge consumer traffic specific to real estate. The post stimulated quite a bit of discussion, so for anyone interested, I invite you to review the thread.

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