Gangster Government

You have to watch this video.

Many SethEstate visitors, even infrequent ones, may be somewhat surprised to see a post go live that is even remotely associated with political bias. Its not that I sit on fences to avoid alienation of either Democratic or Republican potential clientele. On the contrary, just like I strive to separate my advice from commission, I also boldly assert my major displeasure with both parties. And I trust new clients from both pools will continue to seek my advocacy, if for no other reason, then because the value I create for them outweighs disinterest in my political opinion.

In this video, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann simply kicks ass. She speaks the raw truth so extemporaneously and so beautifully that it goes beyond commanding attention, to grab hold of our most core American values.

I would think this testimony would be received as bipartisan, or nonpartisan, or transcending politics altogether… but just in case it offends anyone… good!

Since I previously had no idea who Ms Bachmann was, a quick google search yielded this: Republican Representative from Minnesota.

Go girl.

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