Ground Zero of What’s Wrong with America

There are many great things about our fine country. And there are some not so great things too.

Well this weekend, I actually put my finger on the exact spot of the very epitome of the problem with things today.

On behalf of a nice young couple looking to buy a starter home, I made an offer on a short sale… a basic 3 bed / 2 bath / 2 car garage home. Keeping with standard protocol the other agent replied back to confirm receipt. But check out her reply (…I swear this is true):

“I received your offer and won’t be able to present until next week. The sellers are on vacation.”


1.) how can a consumer selling short afford to go on vacation?

2.) how do they find the nerve to ask for a handout but be too busy to respond?

Is this what financial gurus mean when they say to “pay yourself first?”

My reaction was similar to my client’s, when she replied to my update… OMG!

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