Short Sale Audacity, Part II

Holy Cow.

There is a short-sale listing in the MLS that directs the attention of brokers to an attachment entitled, “Items not included in the Sale.”

I can not even muster one sarcastic comment to reflect my feelings about this. Here is their list:

Due to the seller’s hardship in the sale of his home,the Following items will not be included in the sale but Seller is considering selling them at a discount price.

1. All ceiling fans.
2. French doors.
3. Front Door.
4. Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator and Washer and Dryer.
5. Safe in Garage floor.
6. Spa in the back yard.
7. Blinds in Master.
8. Mirrors in bathrooms.
9. Stand fixture in master.

He will also be selling the following furniture:
1. Bar Set
2. Pool Table

For prices on the above items the seller will provide all the information needed regarding all items.

Are you kidding me? The frickin’ front door??

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One Response to Short Sale Audacity, Part II

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