"Best Value" Picks for Cardiff by the Sea

If you frequent our Cardiff Town Centre courtyard to pick up groceries, change out dry cleaning, or get a coffee fix, then odds are you’ve also noticed well into evening hours, the tall guy behind our illuminated windows, slouched over his desk, pecking incessantly at the computer.

Over the years, many folks have chimed in to a running joke, chirping as they swing by, “dude, are you like, the hardest working realtor in Cardiff?”

Exactly what this tall guy does, remains somewhat of a mystery… but speculation ranges from:

  • Writing offers?
  • Browsing cookie recipes to schmooze walk-ins at the next open house?

  • Avoiding chaos during bath hour at his family’s quickly growing household… while his glaring (but beautiful) wife suspiciously eyes these same fishbowl windows from up the hill?
One thing’s for sure, his bad posture certainly reflects many hours scanning the MLS for deals that reflect uncommon value. And your effort as a loyal window-checker-in-er, is about to pay off, because now… without further ado… we present Seth’s picks for:

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