Creating Value With e-Signatures

I am excited to roll out a great new tool, called DocuSign, which enables you to add signatures electronically instead of the old fashioned way.

I started using it yesterday, and no joke… by the end of the day, I helped two sets of clients take action on deals that may have otherwise fizzled if they had to meet in person. Both of my “guinea pigs” nearly fell off their chair when they finished marking signatures… and they each replied with comments like, “far better than before” and “love it!”

Until now you had to either…
meet me at a physical location… or find an office setting to do the “print-sign-send” dance. This method can be challenging, living as we do in such a fast paced world.

And while face-to-face meetings remain my default preference, holy smokes… what a time saver!

When writing multiple offers in hotly contested areas, or signing some of the many counters, addendums, instructions, and disclosures that make up typical transactions… this tool eliminates the need to disrupt your day.

Now, you simply check email, click “start”, press tab to locate your first signature box, click to sign, and repeat as needed until all sigs are recorded. You can review the document as you go and save a copy when you’re done. It is literally that simple.

DocuSign acts as a third party verifier and their business model is fully compliant with our real estate industry’s legal protocol.

If you are buying or selling a home in today’s extraordinarily competitive market conditions, then my e-Signature tool will help you be in two places at once. This technology is a good example of the many resources I continue to amass, to ensure each client receives unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations.

Expand the “Scribd” box (below) to see an “on paper” example:

Sample Docusign

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