How I Roll

I received an email today from an old friend. We worked together at a mortgage bank. She became a loan officer at a large bank… and I became an self-promoting blogger.

She has a mortgage client who is unhappy with their real estate agent, and she wanted to know if it would be ok to present my name and one other as a referral. She diplomatically explained why she is presenting more than just one name… that the client had requested several options.

I replied back straight away without thinking too much about it… and it really struck me, after the fact, how much my reply lies at the very core of my business offering… and then I wished for way to shamelessly self promote it… echemm:

This is awesome! And thanks for setting the background, which I totally understand. I am grateful for the opportunity to compete. I look forward to speaking with him when he calls.

Meantime, my approach will be to set realistic expectations straight out of the gate. I will present my take on the market, which will likely address some of the issues that made him frustrated in the past… and while I can’t magically increase the amount of active listings for sale… I will:

  • grant access to the same inventory as everyone else
  • offer killer technology to make his life easier
  • recommend ways to work smarter, not harder
  • lend strong negotiation skills to protect his interests
  • commit to showing him as many homes as it takes without any sort of pressure until he finds the perfect home at a price he likes
  • give examples of how well you and I have worked together in the past, that he’s in great hands with you as their LO

In return, I will ask for him to commit to working with me as their agent. I won’t expect him to do this until I earn his trust and his business. It is our company policy to sign a “buyer’s broker” agreement along with the first offer submitted and my clients rarely if ever take issue.

Thanks a million, and I look forward to helping you close more purchases in this crazy market than ever before!


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