My Take on "How to Stop the End of America"

This piece, by Porter Stansberry, producer of S&A Digest, makes alarming observations about our country’s current financial outlook, which rings truer than anything else I have read this year.

Basic math shows how our country’s economic path is unsustainable. Unfortunately, it seems our collective reality might best be described by tweaking this famous quote by Anaïs Nin: “…the risk to remain tight in a bud (is less) painful than the risk it (takes) to blossom”.

As indicated by Mr. Stansberry, the issues highlighted are not political in nature, they are economic. I agree, but to effect change, we would need to either go through, or above, the existing political machine, which currently appears to be derailed by incentives counter to any meaningful recovery. It is my fear that the political machine has now formed a critical mass in defining its biggest incentives yet… which are to defend its own existence even at the expense of delivering the very value it was created to deliver… and to leverage every crisis as an opportunity to extend its own influence.

For the sake of our well-being and for that of future generations, let’s hope our collective attention begins to rally behind solutions to the issues, which Mr. Stansberry and others have been warning about with increasing alarm.

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