Buyer Advocacy!

Beyond agency, Seth delivers advocacy… to help you make smart decisions for the right reasons. Get the clarity and confidence you need to find the perfect home, along with financing that fits your budget. By executing both the real estate and mortgage transactions together, at one point of contact, you simplify the process, save time and money, and get meaningful information with excellent service.


Client’s Words Speak Volumes!

“As first time home buyers, we were very cautious and skeptical about realtors, but Seth at Pacific Coast Homes, exuded professionalism, knowledge of the area, and most importantly HONESTY. He worked with us tirelessly, for over a year, to help us find the perfect…” – Read more testimonials


Seth’s Awesome Housing Payment Calculators!


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The timeliest, most accurate, most complete data source of information about today’s market is none other than the official MLS. Any agent can get you access. But great agents harness its power, filtering out noise, to deliver what you need, when you want it.

Just click this button to get the most powerful solution in the industry personalized just for you:




Get the clarity and confidence you need to make smart decisions for the right reasons. Beyond agency, I deliver advocacy to help you find the perfect home, along WITH financing that fits your budget. By assigning just one point of contact to execute both these transactions together, you save time and money and realize unparalleled customer service.

As your buyer’s advocate, I help you:

  • Find the perfect home by listening closely to what you say is important.
  • Integrate the home search and mortgage plan together.
  • Ensure the home you love is the home you will afford.
  • Understand the financial details that underpin your transaction.
  • Negotiate circles around sellers and agents who do not share this understanding.
  • Designate a single point of accountability to get the whole job done.
  • Receive buyer-specific representation and financial advice at one point of contact.
  • Save you money by streamlining loan service providers.
  • Get relevant answers without bouncing between contacts.
  • Simplify esoteric jargon in laymen’s terms.
  • Eliminate hassle by centrally storing information from mulitple sources.
  • Realize guidance that impacts your net worth and fosters financial freedom.

As your buyer’s advocate, I promise to:

  • Answer your calls personally and return messages quickly… call and see!
  • Immediately acknowledge when challenges arise and hit them head on.
  • Admit when I do not have answers, and follow up proactively.
  • Set realistic expectations at the risk of being unpopular.
  • Leverage technology and economies of scale.
  • Pass through thousands of dollars in savings by streamlining your loan.
  • Help you find a home you love at a payment you afford.

As a complete solution for home buying advocacy, my goal is to exceed your expectations by providing a level of service so uncommon, that you automatically refer me likeminded folks.


Purchase Power!

When it comes to reviewing mortgage options, Seth’s deep experience of financial markets and dedicated mortgage operations team will give you an edge when locking rates, saving fees, protecting earnest money, choosing loan programs wisely, knowing when not to buy or not to borrow, and maximizing equity.  Seth’s background includes a degree in economics, experience on Wall St., and a proven track record successfully executing loans for over a decade.

Seth’s team gives you immediate access to:

  • Meaningful information.
  • Broad range of services.
  • Lowest rates… period.
  • Meaningful credit reporting advise.
  • Rapid approval and execution.
  • Customer service excellence.

Nobody is better positioned than Seth’s team of mortgage professionals to locate and leverage the best program with the one lender that will save you the most money.


Market Outlook!

Visit the SethEstate weblog for market outlook, indusry happenings, mindful advice, and uncensored opinion!


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